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Working out of disaster

A book on the International Labour Office’s reconstruction efforts in tsunami-affected areas, published in 2005. DETAILS

Le Châtiment des Rois

Myanmar - Burma -  The chronicle of a forgotten cyclone, published by Florent Massot in January 2009. DETAILS


Aung San Suu Kyi, Le Jasmin ou la Lune

A biography with a foreword by Jane Birkin published in French by Florent Massot in February 2007 and in paperback by J'ai Lu in April 2008. DETAILS

Les Petits Généraux de Yadana

A novel in French published by Anne Carrière in 2005. DETAILS

Burmese Shadows

A picture book covering 25 years or reporting Burma, published in 2012. DETAILS

Pigeon Blood Valley

A picture book, with Adolf Peretti. On the trail of Mogok's famed Burmese ruby, published in 2016. DETAILS

Photo-journalist, author
Thierry Falise

Magnificent Green

A picture book, with Adolf Peretti. On the trail of the legendary Colombian emerald, published in 2017. DETAILS